Golden from Castle Rock

Cleo's All Volunteer Campaign

Cleo's campaign has no budget. That's right, Cleo's entire campaign has been run by volunteers, dedicated to seeing to it that the first Golden Retriever elected president of the United States will not be beholden to anyone for big political contributions. Note to Ted Stevens: Don't you wish you had tried this approach?

Pictured at the left is Augie Doggy, Cleo's biggest booster, and the lead public relations pup for the campaign. Barely a year old, Augie has helped Cleo connect with young Whags, who find Augie nearly irresistable. Within the campaign, Augie is affectionately known as "chick magnet," but he has had great success taking Cleo's message to nearly every population group including even some cat people.

With only a week to go until election day, Cleo's army of volunteers has turned to getting out the vote. Many of you will have noticed that you can hardly walk down your street without hearing barking from every yard. Yep, those are Cleo supporters, and they are telling you to get to the polls early if you can. Volunteers with opposable thumbs are still needed to do data entry as we track who has voted, and who may need to be walked to the polls. And we can never have too many guide dogs to help humans who might otherwise have difficulty finding their polling station.