Cleo Begging

Donations are Not Needed at this Time

If you gave Cleo money, she would just be tempted to hire some media consultant, who would make up a bunch of really flashy, dumb advertisements that wouldn't be long enough to do justice to Cleo's carefully thought out positions on the real issues confronting our nation. Better not to risk temptation. So while "Cleo for President" appreciates your generosity, no thanks.

The country is important. Any candidate that has to pay to get you to pay attention needs new ideas. So who needs money? The newspapers and the TV networks should provide plenty of opportunities for candidates to describe themselves and their positions. It is news, after all. Anyone who is the least bit interested to learn what Cleo and the other candidates think should watch the news and read the paper. Oh, and please, don't anyone form one of those 527 groups to help Cleo - have you seen even one of their ads that isn't an insult to your intelligence? So, if you really want to help Cleo out, study your newspaper, listen to National Public Radio, send someone to read Cleo's ideas as the election nears, and make your vote an informed vote this November. That's all Cleo asks.

>If you really want to donate money too, Cleo suggests giving whatever you can afford to a student who is struggling to get through college, or a family that might have to give up their dog if they can't afford to keep their house, or whatever suits your fancy. If this donation page causes you to contribute something to someone who needs it, Cleo would like to know what you did. Just click on "Contact Cleo." Please indicate whether it would be okay to post what you did on this website, and whether it would be okay to use your name. Wouldn't it be great if people gave a couple of hundred million dollars in Cleo's name, instead of spending all that money on TV spots, private planes and political flyers?

If you want to make a campaign poster, bumper sticker or flyer, click here. Use your "back" button to return to this page.