Golden Retriever by Creek

Thank You Cleo Supporters !

Thank you ! Thank You !

You all make my tail wag. Thank You !

It's over. I just sent a text message to Barack Obama congratulating him on his historic victory. Naturally, he called me right back. He assured me that his promise to get his girls a puppy as soon as he gets to the White House will be fullfilled, and he pledged to see to it that the puppy will know to bring my ideas straight to the oval office whenever I have something I want to contribute during his term in office.

Of course you have all heard the rumors that there was a concerted effort to suppress the Whag Party vote across the country. My operatives reported throughout the day that many polling stations actually posted signs excluding dogs from the polls unless they could prove that they were registered service dogs. But for this I probably would have won, but I have decided not to challenge the official results.

I have to say I'm a bit relieved. In the closing days of the campaign I learned that they have ticks and fleas back east. It gave me second thoughts about going to Washington for an extended period. Some of you may be interested to read more of my thoughts in today's edition of THE GOLDEN BARKER and both my columns, Along Clear Creek and Golden Views.

In closing, I want to thank the hundreds of people from all over the world who took the time to visit my campaign headquarters. I hope everyone got a chuckle or two, and some food for thought. For a while, I will probably rest. Eventually, I'll take down the posters and the bunting, but I hope that you will keep my site bookmarked. I have some plans to turn it into a place where thoughtful ideas can be developed, discussed and refined and forwarded to Washington. Just as our new president can finally turn away from raising money, we citizens can turn away from the television and the rallies and do some of the real nuts and bolts work of drafting competent legislation to change the drunken way our country has been run for the past eight years. So check back now and then.

And thanks again . . . .